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Jason Buttafoco JASON BUTTAFOCO is honored to be working for Traveling Lantern. After a few years of halfhearted attempts, in 2014 he quit his high paying 9- 5 job to pursue a full time career in the arts, beginning his career a bit later than most at the age of 28. Born and raised in San Francisco, he believes his unique upbringing in one of the most diverse cities in the world has given him the tools to connect with all different kinds of audiences. He looks forward to bringing his talents on the road and entertaining kids (and hopefully adults too) all over the bay area!

Samantha Nakagaki SAMANTHA NAKAGAKI is thrilled to be joining the Traveling Lantern family! It has been quite an acting journey for Samantha—starting college at UC Davis as a chemical engineer and graduating with a BA in Theatre made a pretty big impact on her life. To this day, it has been the best decision she has ever made because she feels Theatre is really what helped her grown as a person. She hopes she can spread and share this magical experience with everyone she encounters. And TL is the perfect place to do so! And to make it even better, she gets to act with her best friend and partner in crime, Jason Buttafoco.

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