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Allie Menzimer
ALLIE MENZIMER is an actor, clown, and puppeteer from San Francisco. After finishing her Master's in Physical Theatre, she moved to Portland, OR where she loves to splash around in the rain, eat delicious food, and be part of the the fabulous theater community in the Pacific Northwest. A member of the all-female theater company Glitter Gizzard, she has toured original work across Canada and to NYC, and performs with the Oregon Children's Theater when she is not on the road. Allie loves reading, baking, crossword puzzles, showtunes, hiking, the San Francisco Giants, and googly eyes.
Allyson Lambert
ALLYSON LAMBERT is thrilled to be joining Traveling Lantern for her first season! Growing up with a theater background, Allyson fell in love with the performing arts at a young age. She’s originally from Pennsylvania and currently resides in San Francisco for its rich, cultural heritage and diverse background. Previously, she has toured with Children’s Theater Productions throughout Northern Nevada and loved every minute of it. When she’s not acting, Allyson does creative writing and consulting for companies. She has a lot of energy to share, and it’s her personal belief that the arts can uplift, inspire, and encourage our upcoming generations to go out and make an impact on the world. 
David Yurch
DAVID YURCH is an actor from Edison, NJ who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. He is very happy to be touring with Traveling Lantern for the second time, after having performed in The Life of Mozart this summer. David was most recently seen singing as a part of the Cranky Cabaret. Past credits include The Dream of the Rood with Collectio Musicorum, How You Slice It and Underwater with the Gallery Players, and Jekyll & Hyde with Sponge Theatricals. He holds a BA in Theatre from Muhlenberg College.
Ellie Bell
ELLIE BELL is an actor, writer, comedian, and educator residing in Brooklyn, NY via Wisconsin. She is ecstatic to be making her Traveling Lantern debut. When not acting, Ellie can be found working as a teaching artist in the NYC public school system, taking pictures of her two cats and senior dog, or working on a webseries. She holds a BFA in Drama from NYU and minors in Linguistics and Applied Theatre. She genuinely believes the world can be made better by art and is excited to play her part in that revolution.
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