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Spring 2023

The Ribbles Build a Residence

Creating and building a family home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ribble are newly wedded insects with no place to live and little Ribblyroos on the way. With the help of a bird architect and a construction worker ant they learn about design, form and function. The audience helps them complete their beautiful dream home.

The Sword in the Stone

A young boy liberates his destiny.

Young Wart stumbles upon an unusual friend: a memorable and beloved old sorcerer named Merlin. He is soon astonished to discover that he is the only person in the kingdom who can pull the legendary blade Excalibur, from its massive stone pedestal. Little does he know that he will grow up to become the just, ethical, and admired King Arthur!

Summer 2023

Rhonda Appleseed & the Tree that Learned How to Speak

Coming for summer 2023!

Rhonda is a descendant of Johnny Appleseed, and everyone calls her Ronnie. When she learns about her great great uncle's story, she grows fascinated and then proud. Ronnie decides that she wants to follow in his footsteps. She decides she will protect nature and all the creatures on our planet from climate change. But how? She takes a journey to visit one of the beautiful, kind, wise old apple trees that Johnny planted so long ago to ask how she can help. The tree teaches her that her voice is needed to bring people together to do the right thing.

Fall 2023


The adventures of life teach a puppet about honesty and humanity.

A little wooden marionette is lovingly created by a master craftsman... but what a bad little puppet he turns out to be! He's selfish and greedy, and he lies. He doesn't listen to the good counsel of anyone: his father Gepetto, a philosopher Cricket, or a Blue Fairy. After many hair raising adventures, Pinocchio finally learns what it takes to become human... kindness, compassion, loyalty, hard work and selflessness.

The Story of Ebenezer Scrooge

or: "A Christmas Carol"

The Classic tale of a miser's redemption.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a nasty, mean, snarling old geezer with no care for anything other than his money.

His one and only friend visits him as a ghost, and starts him on a journey that melts his icy heartand teaches him the joys of caring for, and giving to others.

Spring 2024

My Mother The Astronaut

To the moon and beyond!

Aquarius' mom is an astronaut and today is 'Take your child to work day'. Aquarius can't wait to go to NASA and find out what it's like to be in space!

They visit Mission Control where she meets scientists and engineers who show her what they do and she learns all about space travel. Her imagination blasts off and she dreams of incredible journeys through the cosmos!

Peter Pan

The treasured tale of an adventurous boy who never grows up!

Fly away with the Darling children to Neverland, where Peter battles with a band of pirates and his arch enemy: the villainous Captain Hook. Peter is a daring, courageousand mischievous boy - an incurable prankster with a valiant heart.

This ageless story of love and bravery is one of our most popular shows.

(Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri)

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