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Virtual Performances

How Virtual Performances Work

Legends and Myths from Mt. Olympus

Daring adventures from the Ancient Civilization by the sea.

From their protected perch on Mt. Olympus, the gods of ancient Greece spin their magic and subterfuge on the humans they choose to meddle with far below. Children become the mountains and the wind as they watch Icarus and Daedalus fly free on wax wings, witness Ceyx and Alcyone’s love morph into fantasy, and stave off evil as Perseus battles the snake-headed Medusa and ultimately turns her into stone. Especially good for younger children.

Sherlock Holmes Takes the Case

Solve a mystery with the world's most famous detective!

Something's amiss, and now 'the game's afoot!' for the brilliant scientist and criminologist, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

Along with his trusted companion, Dr. Watson (played by a child volunteer), Holmes will follow the clues and solve the mystery with the audience's help.

The Caterpillar Hunter

A vegetable safari!

Based on the beloved character of the late Steve Irwin, the Caterpillar Hunter shrinks himself and sets off to explore the terrain, pursuing elusive bugs and strange herbage in the wild recesses of a common North American vegetable garden.

Crikey! Join in his exciting backyard adventure!

The Story of Ebenezer Scrooge

or: "A Christmas Carol"

The Classic tale of a miser's redemption.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a nasty, mean, snarling old geezer with no care for anything other than his money.
His one and only friend visits him as a ghost, and starts him on a journey that melts his icy heartand teaches him the joys of caring for, and giving to others.

Lewis and Clark

Two brave friends begin the perilous journey of the Corps of Discovery!

Join our daring explorers, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, as they scout and map the unknown beauty of our newly expanding nation.

Help them find their way as they meet Native Americans, canoe down mighty rivers, and become the first to see the grandeur of the northwest as they follow the sunset to the ocean and carve out the Oregon Trail.

My Mother The Astronaut

To the moon and beyond!

Aquarius' mom is an astronaut and today is 'Take your child to work day'. Aquarius can't wait to go to NASA and find out what it's like to be in space!

They visit Mission Control where she meets scientists and engineers who show her what they do and she learns all about space travel. Her imagination blasts off and she dreams of incredible journeys through the cosmos!

Tale of the Rainbow Lizard

Discovering our colorful ancestry

Pablo Del Peacock (the famous portrait artist) is trying to paint a picture of beautiful Monique Gecko, but every morning she arrives a different color and he has to begin all over again. He and his friend Fatima Flamingo (taking a break from her Flamenco lessons) search for answers.

When they solve the mystery and Pablo learns about Monique’s diverse heritage, he decides to paint his new masterpiece using all the colors of the rainbow.

Camp Ocean

Welcome to Camp Ocean, little guppies!

Mr. Sharky, your snaggle-toothed camp counselor, has planned fish-fact-filled voyage to the bottom of the sea. Learn the ropes: how to puff like a puffer fish, flop like a flounder and fence with a swordfish. You’ll search for buried treasure and dive into the mysteries of the ocean, and you might even earn a badge or two. All hands on deck as we get underway for a summer of fun!

(New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland)

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