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I hope you and your family are happy, safe and staying well!

We are jumping into virtual programming with both feet during this pandemic. We are filming six of our shows (you can find information about them here) and we are crafting them to encourage audience interaction through the digital medium. 

This is how it works:

We will give each patron a password key, which can be used either to have a gathering and watch the show together, to show in each classroom, or to give out to families so they can watch the show from home. Each password key allows unlimited access to the show you choose for one week, so teachers and librarians can fit the program into their schedules as it best suits their needs. Some patrons may wish to have a ZOOM call, for example, and share the show with their group. Or, some may decide to email the password key to children so they can watch from home.

The cost for a virtual performance will be much less than what we charge for an in-person performance: $150.00 per show. This buys a password key for the performance of your choice for one week of unlimited viewing, from Sunday to Sunday. You can give the key out to as many children as you’d like in your school or library branch service area. 15 or more schools or branches in the same system booking together get 10% off, making shows $125.00 each. If the number of children you service is very small, or very large, we will work with you to find a fair and affordable price. Please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Each patron chooses the show and the week they’d like, and they will get their password key as soon as they book so they have plenty of time to send it out to their patrons.

Two caveats:

---- Please, no publishing of the password key to the public. The password key should be sent out by email, snail mail, or flyer and not published on a FB page or website. It is fine to advertise the show to your patrons publicly, and then email the password key, or send it home on a flyer, etc. We know that FB and websites are important ways for you to get the word out, and we have high quality photos you can download for this purpose at the bottom of our Media Page.

---- We will provide you with two pages of information to send out with each password key. They are the "Password Key Letter for Kids” and “Promise Letter" and you will receive them with your contract. The “Password Key Letter for Kids” gives families all the information they need to access the show. The “Promise Letter” asks families: 1) not to record the show, 2) not to publish their key, and 3) not to give their password key to others.

It’s a grand experiment, and we have used this system all summer with no problems. Please contact us if you’d like to see a sample contract and watch a test video.

I hope that this answers most of your questions! We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you;

KB Mercer

Managing Director

800 936 4723

Click here to send us an email

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